• Dr. Rael Lipson

    Dr. Rael Lipson is a consulting geologist with over 40 years global experience, as well as adjunct faculty at the Colorado School of Mines.

    He was previously the chief geologist for Gold Fields Exploration Inc and is a recognized specialist in Paleoplacer and orogenic gold.

  • Dr. Martin Williams

    Dr. Martin Williams is a Chief Advisor - Geochemistry with Piteau Associates and has experience providing advice on mine water management issues to most of the world’s major mining corporations.

  • Mr. Stephen Kay

    Mr. Stephen Kay, now retired, was the CEO and President of International Minerals Corp. for over 20 years, prior to its takeover by Hochschild Mining in 2013. He is a geologist and his over 40 years of experience worldwide includes involvement from discovery through project development and financing of gold and silver deposits, predominantly in South America.

  • Quinton Hennigh

    Dr. Quinton Hennigh is an economic geologist with 25 years of exploration experience with major mining firms such as Homestake Mining, Newcrest Mining and Newmont Mining, where he last served as senior research geologist in 2007. He has since made a number of significant gold discoveries for Canadian exploration companies such as the 5 million oz. Springpole alkaline gold deposit near Red Lake, Ontario, for Gold Canyon Resources, and the Rattlesnake Hills gold project for Evolving Gold. He is currently Chairman and President of Novo Resources Corporation who are developing a number of gold projects in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.